Time of flight diffraction testing johor Things To Know Before You Buy


Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) A part of Superior NDT Utilized in weld inspection providers. That's why, Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) is considered the most reputable NDT procedures in welds specifically for in-company and pre products and services inspection.

Good thing of Time of flight diffraction including:

Perform tests all through your production line without the need of shutdown demanded.

Keep Risk-free and nutritious from the workers as no radiation.

Information of inspection might be recorded keep in softcopy preserve for long term reference.

Straight away present inspection info outcome value.

Conserve time with quick inspection method

Swiftest strategy to detect all sort of weld flaw including slag, deficiency, crack and insufficient fusion.

Higher precision in detect sizing of defects.


Time of flight diffraction named (TOFD) providers and used by several industries. Specially are used in fast weld tests and inspection. Although this TOFD scanning which include axial weld seam, circumferential and a lot more.

Within the 1970s, TOFD products and services are greater on account of the stability of result employed by all sector.The generally benefit of this TOFD can easily make info around the location and Test the result.

Also benefit with high precision which is able to precise figure out the sizing of defects. Concurrently TOFD is amongst the quick and exact approach to detect all any sort of weld flaw which includes lack , crack ,slag and deficiency of fusion.

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